Oil on Canvas, 3x5.5', 2022

In "Undressing," DeValk explores what it means to be, or become, undressed through painting herself performing the action.
This painting was a moment of empowerment for the artist, but it could have easily been a moment of vulnerability. Is undressing an act of weakness? An assertion of power? Or a moment of objectivity? How does becoming undressed change if it is of your own doing or somebody else's –– and can there also be power in that? Is there agency in removing one's clothes when alone, or only when in the presence of a partner? At what age does being undressed change? Does situationally take precedence to the moment's interpretation or does one's past experiences and associations?
From being undressed as a swaddled child to learning to finally get your shirt over your head justttt right without tangling your arms, to getting dressed in moments of intimacy: we undress ourselves every day. Do you ever think about it?
8-layer screenprint using ink and wood stain on
 wood, 11x14", 2022
Charcaterie celebrates the phenomena of being in between adulthood and your teenage years. Over the last few years, numerous of my friends have acquired cats and started to make cheeseboards while drinking cheap wine. Social media shows that it is not just my friend group, by old high school classmates as well. Dipping our toes into adulthood, this seemed the most natural unspoken path: cats and charcuterie.
Graffiti Gospel
Ink drawing, 14x16", 2019
Based on exploration of the abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, IN
Woodcut, 22x30", 2021
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