8 Layer Screenprint, 8x8", 2022
Mycelium is a system of branched, tubular hyphae of a fungus. If fungi were flowers, the mushroom would be the pretty part that gets put in bouquets, and mycelium is the root system. These systems allow forests and other ecosystems to communicate with one another to protect against disease - think of this as a real-life Avatar phenomenon. Mycelium has a host of properties that can help improve our world and potentially help to mitigate the climate crisis. This can be done by altering the humidity, CO2, airflow, and temperature of a space - which can prevent the mushroom from forming and simply produce more mycelium. It can be taught to grow into massive air-purifying structures and can even be used in packaging, construction, fashioned to produce leather substitutes, and in food production to create meat-like, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products. The cherry on top of this is that mycelium is HUNGRY. Hungry enough to decompose landfills and mop up oil spills. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the War on Drugs mushroom research was not massively funded, and though it is becoming more of a reality and therefore more funded, studied, and applied - the world is running out of time. This print celebrates the incredible properties of this substance, in the hope that if we reach out to our 'shroomie friends, we can reverse some damage and heal our planet.
Reductive Woodcut, 11x14", 2021
Gaia is the personification of Earth and the great mother of all creation.
Made with Blood
Donated fast fashion clothing, Safety pins, and Red 
thread, 5x7.5", 2022
Made in response to the statistics that came out regarding fast fashion mogul SHEIN in October 2022, this wall hanging calls viewers to consider the impact of the clothing they wear. Fair labor compensation, safe working conditions, and lessening ecological impact should be a priority of privileged individuals when purchasing clothing, but many university students instead buy clothes made in sweatshops. At a top-ten research facility focused on change, why should we not change the clothing we wear?

Collaborative Prairie Paste-Up 
Linocut and wheatpaste, 30x9', 2022
Collaborative permanent installation located outside Carrie Busey Elementary School in Savoy, IL. Imagery reacts to the devastation of the tall grass prairie and community efforts to promote prairie growth

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